We are Dyscordion

About us

Dyscordion Entertainment is an independent video game studio with a passion for bringing immersive, story-driven games with memorable and diverse characters to players everywhere. Founded in 2019, our team is comprised of veteran artists, illustrators, game masters, writers, and programmers hailing from all over the world. We love games—both tabletop and digital—particularly if they take place in fantastic, imaginative worlds.

Our name's origin comes from a joke where someone proposed using a sad, broken accordion for our logo splash screen (sound and all) and the fact that our meetings tend to get very lively (in the best way, of course!).

Our debut game Second Star, a sci-fi adventure RPG, is in active development. You can be one of the first to play the demo by signing up on the game's official website.

We're always on the lookout for passionate people who would be interested in joining our team. You can go here to find out how to work with us!

(This is actually a concertina. :) )